Software and consulting house

Hypered is a belgian software and consulting house. From design to production, we can work independently or help your team. If you would like to work with us, please write to hello@hypered.io.

Software consultancy

We can help you on your own software project. We can provide additional workforce to your team or more importantly, we can provide new perspectives on your problems. We also offer technology advice, code review, and trainings.

Custom development

We specialize in bespoke software development. At any step of the development process, we work closely with you. Because your needs will evolve, when we complete the solution, we make sure you can actually proceed to further development, with or without us: we deliver high-quality code, with detailed documentation.


Hypered runs Reesd, a redundant storage service for developers and a private Docker registry. Reesd is currently in beta. If you would like specific features or help into using it, please contact us.

Open source

Whenever possible we make our software available under widely used open source licenses. Until we create project pages on this website, please refer to our GitHub repositories.


Our expertise includes

  • The Haskell and Python programming languages (although we are comfortable with C, C++, Java, and others)
  • The PostgreSQL relational database
  • Linux, as a development and production platform
  • Docker, the Linux container engine
  • HAProxy, Nginx, ...


For any enquiries please contact us by email: hello@hypered.io.
Hypered is registered in Belgium:

VAT: BE534 418 827
IBAN: BE26 3770 4330 9729
Our registered address is:

Rue Hugo d'Oignies 10
5100 Jambes (Namur)